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Mobile Application Development| ພັດທະນາແອັປຯ

Million of businesses use their mobile application to help them run business effectively. So why don't you have one ?

Website Development | ພັດທະນາເວັປໄຊທ໌

Let's we be the gate keeper for your business and you can focus on business operations

IT Solutions for your business​

We make your business desire happened here with State-of-art technologies. This is the core fundamental of our team

______ About Infrasole ______

We are providing support in IT infrastructure such as communication network construction, security, CAD, and help desk, with emphasis on network solution business. Our main customers are Lao owned companies in Laos. We are also actively developing our own products in order to be a comprehensive service provider. As a company that has a history of being the best-selling independent Lao vendor, we will continue to be an IT company that is your best consultant and provide service of high value added at a reasonable price.

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